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CBSE Affiliation No-1731110

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Awards & Acheivements

Olympiad Awards :- “Winners make a habit of creating positive expectation in advance”

  • Our Indigenous students have achieved by us.
  • Good Conduct Award:-
  • An award for good conduct (exemplary behaviour being helpful to teachers and classmates  responsibility etc.) will be given.

Scholar Badge

At the and of the academies year, a child is awarded a scholar Badge for outstanding academic adherence cuts in all the learn exams.

100% attendance

At the and of the academic year a certificate / Medal /Badge will be awarded to students securing 100% attendance along with  the final report Card.

Awards and Recognition

Awards Academic Excellence :-

At the end of the academic year a child is awarded a certificate of merit for academic excellence (for overall outstanding achievements)

Classroom awards

  • Classroom awards are as recognition given to learners in each class.    
  •  Awardees are given merit by the adviser and other subject teachers in recognition of the learners’  outstanding  performance in class.

School Sports Awards

  • Our promising students have achieved  various awards in different sports and added a feather to our cap.

Inspire Award – Student of RBSE block with the award every year with the submission of science projects.

Sport Awards Include:-

  • Under 17 winner in football.
  • In girls category runner up in basketball
  • A gold medal in Judo
  • In Girls category. Under 17 winner in cricket at Nawalgarh Block Level.
  • Career Counselling.
  • We believe in creating a conductive environment for students and parents to interact with highly qualified career counsellors to build aspiration and clarity.
  • Workshops and seminars are conducted by our experts for overall personality development and grooming   of each and every child.
  • Our counselling sessions are strongly dedicated to self- direction and self-realization of the pupil. 

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